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Aletheia is a highly selective community of doctoral-level educators, providing our students with a unique space in which academic research and tuition flourish symbiotically.

Entwining our roots in the Oxbridge collegiate system with over a decade of tuition experience worldwide, we provide a university environment for all students regardless of age or ability.

Balancing our students' wider lives is as integral to our ethos as academia itself. Whether on the yoga mat or the sports field, in the kitchen or the classroom, we cultivate holistic wellbeing in our students to prepare them for university and life beyond.

Our Services

School Tuition

Lower School (up to 16)

In these early years, the bedrock of a successful life are laid, through an energised, wide-ranging approach to learning. As well as the school environment, the home context and habits are also understood as crucial pieces of the jigsaw puzzle for young students to flourish. By unlocking the element of play in their academic work, building self-knowledge, and encouraging true autonomy, we enable our students to lay the foundations for effortless, independent learning throughout their school careers.

Upper School (16+)

Whether students are struggling to keep up or not being stretched intellectually, we help to improve performance and find balance by leaving the syllabus behind. Drawing on decades of experience with A-Levels, the International Baccalaureate, the US high school system, SATs and ACTs, we create unique programmes that incinerate old habits and ignite curiosity in our students. They emerge with a level of self-motivation, advanced knowledge, and extracurricular activity that is essential for happy, successful living beyond school.

University Tuition


University can be daunting, whether grappling with new concepts, structuring academic work, establishing a routine or simply learning how to learn. Often, contact time with teaching staff is limited and questions arise faster than they can be answered during the bustle of term time. Aletheia provides the proximity of an Oxbridge tutorial or supervision anywhere in the world and at any time, supporting our undergraduates to proceed through their degrees with confidence and flair.


From understanding the theoretical landscape in your degree to discovering a unique angle in your research, our roster of academic staff has seen it all. The unrivalled experience Aletheia's tutors bring to bear has helped students find confidence and direction, from theses and applications to maintaining a healthy study-life balance.

University & Careers Advice

University Counselling

What differentiates the successful university application is the sum of small, subtle differences. Aletheia's guidance comes from within the academic system itself, furnishing our students with the insights and skills necessary to stand out from an already gifted crowd. We also drawn on our network of qualified professionals to ensure pressure and strain is identified and dealt with effectively and sustainably. Guided by their passions in tandem with our expertise, our alumni go on to find that happiness breeds excellence on their academic journeys.

Careers Advice

At Aletheia, scholarship is understood in the context of global citizenship. This is reflected in the calibre of our tutors and mentors, who are much more than scholars or advisers alone. Their industry experience spans medicine, diplomacy, finance, government, international organisations, and the military, to name but a few. Aletheia's roster brings all of this to bear, helping students embark on the journey of defining and achieving their own success.

Our Services

School Tuition

lower school (up to 16)

upper school (16+)

University Tuition



Mentoring & Advice

university applications

careers advice

Our Tutors

Dr. Andreas Stradis
PhD MSc MA (Oxon)
Dr. Athamos Stradis
PhD BPhil (Oxon) MSci
Dr. Liliana Gratie
Dr. Sarah Klassen
Dr. Matthias Galipaud
Tommaso Pappagallo
Dr. Kalle Timperi

What Makes Us Different?

Everyone in our team is an expert in their field, either holding a PhD or currently researching one.

Run by the tutors themselves, at Aletheia every connection made is as personal as it is precise.

We prioritise our students’ own curiosity to steer their academic path, imbuing learning with a sense of exploration and play.

Beyond academia, we provide a full spectrum of life skills and unique CV Booster Courses, giving each student the tools to nourish mind and body along their unique journey.

Student Testimonials

London School of Economics
Kings College London
University of Bristol
Magdalen College Oxford
University of Oxford
Oriel College Oxford

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